Crystal cannabis sweets that are a delicious way to explore the world around you. Experience all of them. Experience everything. 




Citrus is Citrine Quartz

Tastes like fresh squeezed juice and sunshine. Brightens any day. Brings vitality to your inner visions. Joyful and enhancing. Free yourself.

CHAKRAS: Soul Star (3rd), Light Crown (8th) ELEMENT: Wish Kisses PHYSICAL: Infuses the body with sock dancing EMOTIONAL: Zest for life. SPIRITUAL: Vibrant exploration in the psychic realm of possibility.


Mint is Turquoise 

A fresh perspective. A smooth mint flavor. Feels like a cold winter day and taking a deep breath. A reminder to go outside. 

CHAKRAS: Be You (6th) See You (7th) ELEMENT: Sweet Tooth PHYSICAL: Chilling hard. Growing Wings.  EMOTIONAL: Truth Dial. SPIRITUAL: Clairvoyance and expansive intuitive awareness.

Stay tuned in for new flavors, fresh drops and so much more.