Offering hand-made cannabis sweets that are delicious trips towards new discoveries. 




Citrine Quartz

Brings vitality to your inner visions. Grants ability to play with time & inter-dimensional travel. Divine awareness of the earth as paradise. Joyful engagement with the physicality of life. Courage to live in Integrity. Liberation. CHAKRAS: Soul Star (3rd), Light Crown (8th) ELEMENT: Wish Kisses PHYSICAL: Infuses the body with sock dancing EMOTIONAL: Zest for life. SPIRITUAL: Vibrant exploration in the psychic realm of possibility.


White Mint Illuminite

Truth Serum that grants a gentle but deep self-knowing. Sensations of thriving in the intelligence of the heart. Attunement to the inner eye. Mystic travel to the realm of flow. Dancing with compassion. CHAKRAS: Be You (6th) See You (7th) ELEMENT: Sweet Tooth PHYSICAL: Chilling hard. Growing Wings.  EMOTIONAL: Truth Dial. SPIRITUAL: Clairvoyance and expansive intuitive awareness.